Food Academy focuses on bringing better lives to people in our communities through encouraging sustainable changes in diet, physical activity and stress control habits. By doing this we target some of the most challenging health problems, namely obesity, Type 2 diabetes and the over-consumption of sugar in children.

Food Academy always works in partnership with governments, research organisations, corporates and the local community, as combined efforts are required to address these challenges. We operate at community level but we place a central emphasis on quality data and evidence, working with research partners to evaluate the impact, sustainability and replicability of our programmes. We see our role as being to develop and implement bold programmes at community level that may offer solutions to intractable problems.

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Rosie Boycott, Mayor of London Food Advisor

"This is a fantastic initiative, which should help a whole new generation be inspired by cooking and develop a healthy love of food".

Susan Jebb, Co-author Foresight Obesity Report

"Good food is vital to good health and this is a real opportunity to help equip people with the confidence and cooking skills they need to be able to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families."

Bridget Turner, Director of Policy and Care Improvement, Diabetes UK

“The Food Academy have delivered a great service on behalf of Diabetes UK for the past two years. They have successfully engaged with families and communities at high risk of Type 2 diabetes to change their cooking and eating habits, as well as getting people moving more. Its focus is on encouraging action now through practical group learning, education and peer support to prevent T2 diabetes in the future. Early evidence suggests a significant increase in healthier food choices and habits and this pilot programme, delivered by the Food Academy, plays an essential part in tackling societies growing public health challenges around behaviour change.”


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