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Food Academy UK is a business that uses food and cooking to brighten lives and build stronger communities.

We provide high quality (and fun!) cooking education for schools, colleges and the community. We inspire people to love better food but also to explore careers or new businesses in food. We provide team building cooking workshops for corporates and consultancies on food education and food businesses. We started our work combining our partners'- Leaside Regeneration, Lord Mawson- thirty years experience creating innovations that help people in East London with the "wow" factor that the Jamie Oliver name brings. We agreed to support Jamie's campaign to teach people how to cook from scratch by setting up and running the Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Stratford.

We want to inspire local people to become entrepreneurial and we operate as a social business because we want to do what works best for the local community, quickly and with minimal fuss. We also want our work to be sustainable without dependence on funders.

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East London Study Looking into Effects of Mediterranean Diet in Pregnancy Launches: Queen Mary University and Food Academy UK
Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is today launching a new East London based study looking into the effects of a Mediterranean diet during pregnancy, and its ability to reduce pregnancy-related complications such as pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia, a condition which raises blood pressure and can cause premature birth, is one of the leading causes of death for mothers and babies. It accounts for 65% of foetal or infant deaths and 50% of neurological disability in childhood. In partnership with East London’s Food Academy, the study will look at how a Mediterranean diet intervention – such as eating more healthy fats and reducing processed foods – can reduce pre-eclampsia among high-risk women.

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Jamie Oliver

This is a day that I've dreamed about – the first Ministry of Food Centre in London.

Rosie Boycott

This is a fantastic initiative, which should help a whole new generation be inspired by cooking and develop a healthy love of food.

Jez Groom, Ogilvy & Mather

The East Ham kitchen just keeps on giving. It gives the team the opportunity to build friendships in an out of work and fun environment. It gives senior leaders a channel to get closer and open up to the people that help them achieve their goals. The course gives some great insider cooking tips and knowledge to impress your friends. But most importantly, it's about businesses contributing back to society and local communities and thinking about people as well as profits.


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