We provide high quality and fun cooking classes to corporates and other organisations such as colleges, schools, housing associations and local councils.

We provide a variety of cooking classes and workshops tailored to your needs:

  • -10 week cooking classes, 3 hours each week: hands-on classes that cover basic cooking skills, food safety and hygiene, basic nutrition information so that you can prepare quick, delicious and affordable recipes. This course is a Level 1 accredited course and provides a foundation for a more advanced cookery courses
  • -A 4 week professional cooking course (4 days a week) which provides you world class culinary training that provides the basis for a career in a professional kitchen combined with a high-quality 2 week work placement in the hospitality industry. At the end of this course, you will be receive one of the most prestigious and valuable awards in the hospitality and catering sector. We provide this in collaboration with leading cookery schools and the SW4 Restaurant of Lambeth College
  • -7 week cooking classes for children in primary or secondary schools. We are able to provide you a one stop solution for all the cooking education needs in your school. Our classes are especially designed (lots of fun!) to ensure that children receive a basic skill for life: cooking and eating well.
  • -Cooking workshops for adults, vulnerable groups or school children as required by the client.
  • -Vegetables and Fruit Appreciation shows for primary school and nursery children. These shows ensure that children love their fruit and vegs.

Food Academy UK has provided our standard cooking course for more than 1000 people, of which 99% find our course good or very good! All our cooking graduates love our courses!
We have students from all age but 40% of our students are aged 15-25 years old and a third come from low-income households. 25% of our students are in full-time education and 15% are parents with young children. About 15% of our classes have been provided to vulnerable adults.

Our course evaluations show that the course substantially improved knife skills, knowledge of food safety and hygiene, the ability to cook from simple recipes and our students’s confidence in trying new foods.

Good food is vital to good health and this is a real opportunity to help equip people with the confidence and cooking skills they need to be able to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families.

Susan Jebb, Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research, Co-author of ‘Tackling Obesities’, 2007

This course made me a lot more confident and I do now a lot more cooking than before. I also eat smaller portions and do not skip breakfast. The teachers gave so me many tips. It is the best course I have participated in.

– 2014 course graduate

I used to eat lots of takeaways every day, as this was the easy option. I was not confident in the kitchen. Now, I cook many of the recipes taught on the course. I enjoy cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients. I made lentil soup last week and it turned out great, I have made it a few times since and everyone loved it. As a result of this I want to look for work in cooking. I have now gone off junk food. I also used to have so much sugar, I have cut down now which is good for my daughter too!

– 2012 course graduate

For the last 20 years I have been a drug addict, living rough on the street causing a lot of damage to myself. When you become absent you tend to eat a lot of food, the wrong food.The course was brilliant, simple and easy to remember. I now have set meal times and I have a healthy breakfast. I feel happy within myself eating healthy good food. I have also now passed on my skills to my Narcotics Anonymous meeting so it has benefits to others around me.The course aids my recovery. Now I eat nothing but fresh fruit, veg, chicken and fish.

– 2012 course graduate