Team Building & Consultancies


We will provide you with a fantastic cooking workshop for your colleagues or clients, at the location of your choice and as an add-on we will provide your local school with a free cooking workshop. Tell us what you need and we will deliver it.

1. Book a fun team building workshops for your team or your clients
Ogilvy & Mather and Tefal are a few of the companies that have enjoyed our hospitality. You will compete with your colleagues and prepare your own meal, picking useful tips along the way.

2. Book a cooking event: we can deliver engaging cooking demos for the public in your shopping centre or company, cooking demos with catering, hands-on public cooking lessons events for 8 people or more.

3. Commission food consultancies (food markets, professional kitchens and restaurants, public health policies and research) or participate with us in common projects We have developed the best national expertise in this area and we are happy to provide our consultancy advise to your organisation. We are also happy to partner with you on special projects, you could benefit from our extensive network of Chefs, apprentices and also training kitchens around London.

Learn more – our demonstration at Grand Designs 2014


Corporate Projects