Who We Are

Food Academy focuses on bringing better lives to people in our communities through encouraging sustainable changes in diet, physical activity and stress control habits.   By doing this we target the most challenging health issues: obesity, diabetes Type 2 and the over-consumption of sugar in children.

Food Academy always works in partnership with governments, research organisations, corporates and the local community, as combined efforts are essential to address these challenges.  We operate at community level but we place a central emphasis on quality data and evidence, working with research partners to evaluate the impact, sustainability and replication of our programmes.  We see  our role as to develop and implement bold programmes at community level that may offer solutions to intractable problems.

Food Academy Promotes:

1. Public health and wellbeing
2. Employment in the food industry
3. Environmental sustainability in the local community
4. Research that better reflects local conditions: 

Jamie Ministry_096_R (1)

  • 1. Having fun while being single minded in helping to bring better lives for people in our communities.
  • 2. Knowing that we are small but having unlimited ambitions, using fantastic partners 2 bridge the gap.
  • 3. Always working in partnerships with governments, corporates and research organisations.  We believe that governments alone are not capable of providing the solutions needed for the problems we target.  Good businesses are essential part of the solution.
  • 4. We are relentlessly entrepreneurial, with a focus on getting things done, being flexible, innovative and not afraid of taking calculated risks.
  • 5. Authentic and fun company with an ethos to inspire change.
  • 6. We work and breathe in the local community, our programmes reflect the community.
  • 7. We empower people so that they can make their own decisions in relation to health and employment.
  • 8.  We focus on quality data and generating evidence to assess the impact of our programmes and change them when needed.  We do this in partnership with research organisations.

How We Got Where We Are


Food Academy set up its first teaching kitchen and started providing mobile hands-on cooking workshops in East London in 2011.  We wanted to combine the long-term local expertise of our partners (Lord Mawson and Paul Brickell) with an innovative use of food to bring behavioural change (initially through the support of the Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food).  From the start, Food Academy had a strong focus on quality data and generating evidence through our collaboration with the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition (Cambridge), the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Kings College London.




-Food Academy sets up the first Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food in London.

-Commission of NHS for cooking workshops.

-First appearance at Mayor’s Newham show with an attendance of 50,000.


-British Heart Foundation and Newham commission to provide cooking workshops to people overweight or obese

-Start delivering 12 nutrition and cooking classes a year for Newham College.

-Our Olympic Torchbearer Sandeep Channa at Mayor’s Newham Show with Young Farmers Olympic Torchbearers.

-Live School Cook Off at Stratford Shopping Centre and training in local Schools as sponsored by Savills.


-Live School Cook Off at our kitchen, Cooking under a Fiver, broadcasted by Al Jazeera.

-Jermaine Defoe Cooking and Football Competition at the East Ham Campus and our kitchen.

-Pop-Up Cooking at Westfield Stratford

-Tefal and Jamie Oliver partnership celebration at our kitchen.

-Cooking team-building workshop with the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group

-Christmas Toy Appeal Dinner for Community Links


-LB Newham commissions programme to train food champions (train the trainers programme)

-Kick and Cook at Olympic’s Park East Village

-Peruvian Street Food Demo at Grand Designs Live, Excel.

-Queen Mary University “Effects of Mediterranean Diet on Pregnant Women with Pre-Eclampsia,

-Food Academy becomes delivery partner of the Princes Trust.


-Levi Roots and Jeremy Pang cooking with us at Grand Designs Live @ ExCel

-Cooking with the delegates of the International Forum on Quality and Healthcare Conference

-First programme Get into Hospitality in partnership with School of Wok and Lambeth College and Workplace Newham.

-Food Academy Get into Hospitality students working at Taste of London

-Our Enterprise in the Kitchen St Paul’s Way Students selling their products at Borough Market


-Food Academy won a commission by Tesco, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK to run 400 fun hands-on cooking and physical activity workshops for mothers and children to encourage the adoption of healthier eating and exercise habits.

-Superfood for Superheroes at Comic-Con: partnership between Levi Roots, Diabetes UK, Food Academy to inspire every child to cook healthy and tasty food.


-New GP referral programme for pre-diabetes patients in Newham ‘Get Fit in the Kitchen.”  The programme consists of hands on cooking, physical activity and stress control programme.

-400 workshops cooking and physical activities delivered with more than 1,800 mothers and 3,600 attendances.

-Start of second research programme with Queen Mary University, “Effects of Simple, Targeted Diet in pregnant Women with Metabolic Risk Factors on Pregnancy Outcomes”