About Us

Food Academy is a business that uses cooking and food to transform and brighten the lives of people in East London.

Food Academy UK aims are to:

1. Encourage the love of good food and cooking so that everyone can eat better food.

2. Instil a passion of food and cooking that leads to employment in the food sector.

3. Use cooking education as a way to build self-confidence and to open them to learning.

4. Provide consultancy on everything FOOD – from running cafeterias and restaurants, employment opportunities in the food sector finding good and affordable food, recipes, cooking education and public health and nutrition.

Since July 2011 we have:
+ Completed 10 week cooking courses for more than 1000 people (3 hours a week).
+ Carried out more than 200 cooking workshops for the public, commissioned by companies (Westfield Shopping Centres, Grand Designs Live, East Village Olympic Park, housing associations, West Ham United FC), London Councils, the Newham Clinical Commissioning Group, the NHS East London, local GP surgeries and local charities (Community Links, Memorial Park, etc).
+ Tailor made corporate team building workshops for top UK companies such as Tefal and Ogilvy & Matters, Queen Mary University and local organisations such as the local Council, Councillors, Clinical Commissioning Group and local GPs, Newham College, etc.
+ Created an Annual School Live Cook Off competition with great prizes from businesses such as Orbital Acer Mittal, Formans Fish Factory, Active Newham, West Ham United FC, Jamies Italian Stratford, etc. and a 2013 School Recipe Competition “Recipes under a Fiver,” that was broadcasted by AlJazeera TV.
+ Carried out commissioned consultancies on food street markets, food festivals, managing college cafeterias, set-up cooking schools, teaching cooking in schools, developing recipe books, etc. We are currently supporting Queen Mary University in the largest randomised control trial study of the impact of the Mediterranean diet on pregnant women.

Our company was created in 2011 with support and inspiration from Leaside Regenerarion and the social entrepreneurs Lord Mawson and Paul Brickell. They have been working in East London for more than 30 years creating innovative solutions to help local people (see video). We wanted to combine this expertise with the use of food and cooking to find a different and powerful way to support the regeneration of local communities and education and social policies. During this initial period, 2011-2014, we also funded, created and successfully ran the first Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food in London to support Jamie’s campaign to help people how to regain basic cooking skills.

We have created a local business that sells its services to different clients while having at its core mission to help local people to achieve their full potential. By operating as a business, we reduce a dependence on charity and government funding and are able to do what we think is best for the local community. We are able to partner with businesses and people to get things done, quietly and with a minimal fuss.

Watch some videos about our work in East London here:[/one_half]

Good food is vital to good health and this is a real opportunity to help equip people with the confidence and cooking skills they need to be able to prepare healthy food for themselves and their families.

Susan Jebb, Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Research, Co-author of ‘Tackling Obesities’, 2007