London has one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK. Yet demand for staff in the food industry is extremely high and is likely to increase after Brexit.   Food Academy tackles this by encouraging those without employment to get into a career in the hospitality industry.

Our ‘Chef Ben Purton’s Food Academy’ programme, is designed and directed by one of the most dynamic British Chefs, Ben Purton. The programme is designed with direct input from employers and gives participants all the tools they need to start a career in the food industry – from practical cooking classes, to work experience in a professional kitchen, to assistance in finding employment.  As well as gaining practical skills in catering, participants will gain transferable skills such as time management, teamwork, budgeting and communication.


– An overview of Food Hygiene and Safety

– 3 week of practical cooking classes covering the basics in professional cookery such as:  Knife skills, Baking, Vegetables, Sauces & soups, Poultry & meat, Fish & shellfish, Cold & hot desserts, Baked products, Menu planning and costings, Final assessment based in each participant designing and Cooking a three course restaurant-standard meal

– An overview of the impact of food in everyday life from healthy eating to seasonality to sustainability to cooking on a budget.

– 3 weeks of work experience at one of our partner restaurants, hotel or catering companies

– Mock job interviews and job readiness

– Individual action plans and signposting;

– Chef Ben Purton Food Academy Award on completion