In 2016 and 2017, we provided 400 cooking and physical activity workshops to more than 600 mothers and 1200 children – a commission from the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Tesco. In 2017 this project was adapted to provide the Get Fit in the Kitchen sessions for a pre-diabetes GP referral programme.  This 12 week programme incorporates hands-on cooking, physical activity and stress management to improve diets, increase physical activity and achieve weight loss.


– hands-on cooking (for example our famous “Curry in a Hurry”) with tips on how to shop on a budget or to eat more healthily.

– fun physical activities such as bhangra, zumba dancing or yoga.

– participants sit together to eat the delicious meal they have prepared.

– participants work with us to set individually tailored nutritional, exercise and weight loss goals.


Our workshops are sensitively tailored to reflect the needs of our participants. They are people-centred. We are able to do this because we have been working on these programmes with the local community for 6 years. Our workshops benefit from the research support of Nutrition and Dietetics students of Kings College London and the academic evaluations commissioned by the Department of Health. The programme is reviewed by our nutrition and fitness specialists and the advice of health psychologists (in the use of behavioural change tools).

Food Academy’s lifestyle change programme does not just “talk” about the importance of changes in diets, nutrition or exercise, instead participants “learn by doing.” They have fun while learning how to prepare quick, delicious and affordable dishes that helps them reduce the consumption of saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, salt and sugar and by practicing zumba dancing that shows them that exercise does not need to be difficult.





“This course made me a lot more confident and I do now a lot more cooking than before. I also eat smaller portions and do not skip breakfast. The teachers gave so me many tips. It is the best course I have participated in”.


“I used to eat lots of takeaways every day, as this was the easy option. I was not confident in the kitchen. Now, I cook many of the recipes taught on the course. I enjoy cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients.  I have now gone off junk food. I also used to have so much sugar, I have cut down now which is good for my daughter too!”