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Dear colleague, 

Would your organisation like to play a key role in improving health in our communities?

Food Academy has been working in East London to find practical solutions to the challenging obesity and diabetes epidemic that affects our country. Over the last seven years our teams have developed a winning formula that combines collaborating with top academic researchers, building partnerships with forward-thinking businesses and charities like yourselves and learning what works at local level.

Food Academy’s work with thousands of people has shown that changing health habits is possible. We do this by delivering practical, "hands-on" and fun lifestyle interventions that combine cooking, exercise and coaching, developed with behaviour change advice from Professor Martin White, MRC Cambridge. Participants try Zumba, cook a delicious meal, eat together and receive tips to follow at home. No other programme does it better :)

We completed a successful partnership with the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Tesco that allowed us to deliver 400 holiday lunch clubs. We are now piloting a programme for pre-diabetes patients referred to us by their GPs.

We are writing to you because we believe that together, we can play a key role in improving people’s health and would like to start a conversation about how we can join forces to do this.

We would love to have your expertise, ideas, passion and resources to scale up this programme and build in additional digital engagement.

In return, your organisation would become part of a pioneering team working on one of the most critical challenges facing the country. We know from our experiences with Tesco that engagement with our programme significantly strengthens employee's engagement within the company. Employee feedback has told us that the high-quality and fun workplace health programme that we can deliver for your company, improves their levels of well-being.

We'd welcome you coming along to see for yourself the exciting work we do. Please get in touch to book a time for you and the team to visit us or to find out more about the programme.

Thanks for your time to hear more about us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Carlos Montes
Food Academy
Mobile: 07711525035
Email: carlos@food-academy.co.uk
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'This two year programme, delivered on behalf of Diabetes UK, plays an essential part in tackling growing public health challenges around behaviour change.' 
Bridget Turner, Director of Policy and Improvement Care, Diabetes UK

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