The aim of our research work is to help to bridge the disconnect between high level academic research into public health and employability and the realities of these in local communities. By participating actively in research programmes, we are also better able to monitor the impact and effectiveness of our programmes and continue to learn and adapt our programmes accordingly.

Examples of our research activities:

(1) Development of an initial evaluation and monitoring framework for our programmes with support of the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition.

(2) Kings College London Nutrition and Dietetics students and public health work placements have developed with us monitoring and evaluation frameworks for our interventions, including the use of semi-structured interviews.

(3) Development of an academic research proposal on gestational diabetes that was supported by lead researchers of the Medical Research Council Epidemiology and Queen’s Mary University.

(4) Participation on two multi-annual research programmes led by Queen Mary University researchers on the impact of a Mediterranean Diet on pregnant women with gestational diabetes.

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