Sizzling Spring School Special

Good food for children has become a priority both for governments and families in Newham, especially to avoid child obesity. Food Academy has been working in Newham for 7 years to make good food, easy, accessible and fun for parents and children.  In the last 2 years, we have worked with Tesco, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK delivering 400 holiday lunch clubs with cooking and fun exercise for more than 600 mothers and 1200 children.  

We now want to offer you our Sizzling Spring School Special discount which reduces all our standard costs by 20%. 

Obesity: Plan for Action  “Sugar consumption increases the risk of consuming too many calories, the risk of tooth decay, and that consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and linked to higher weight in children.”  There is little doubt that overconsumption of sugar, especially in children, is not a good thing.  Our ‘Sugar Games’ workshops, educate children on the effects of sugar, in a fun, relaxed environment

The National Curriculum Pupils should be taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Instilling a love of cooking in pupils will also open a door to one of the great expressions of human creativity. Learning how to cook is a crucial life skill that enables pupils to feed themselves and others affordably and well, now and in later life.

We would like to help the school meets its responsibilities in relation to the Child Obesity Action Plan and the National Curriculum, benefitting of our 7 years expertise working with children in schools and in our kitchen.

Our workshop will be tailored to the outcomes that you want to achieve.  In a couple weeks we will be delivering an intensive one week health workshops for Britannia Village primary school on the topic Made4Life.  Our standard offerings include (1) Sugar games (where students learn how to replace sugar) and (2) Hands on Cooking (which involves preparing delicious food, like chicken fajitas!).

The sessions can take place at your convenience, at your school, or at our fun training kitchen in the East Ham leisure Centre.  

Start talking to me today about your workshop! 

Sandeep: 0208 127 6557               sandeep@food-academy.co.uk