The 2017 “Child Obesity: Plan for Action” notes that “sugar consumption increases the risk of consuming too many calories, the risk of tooth decay, and that consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes and linked to higher weight in children.”  The plan notes that teenagers in England are the biggest consumers of sugar-sweetened drinks in Europe!

There is little doubt that overconsumption of sugar, especially in children, is not a good thing.  Our ‘Sugar Games’ workshops, educate children on the effects of sugar, in a fun, relaxed environment.

A standard ‘Sugar Game’ workshop includes:

  • Interactive games and quizzes to illustrate the amount of sugars in typical foods and drinks

  • An informal chat and visual presentation about the impact of a high-in-sugar diet

  • A quick food preparation session, making low-in-sugar delicious alternatives to typical foods and drinks

  • Tips on how to easily reduce sugar intake in everyday lives